Paintings & Collage
and Limited Edition Prints
Each Limited
Edition print is
signed and
numbered by me.

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   WHITE AMARYLLIS   -  Watercolor

I do love amaryllises!  There's something so
generous about their lush blooms.
The original of this painting is already SOLD,
but a limited edition of  250 prints is available.  
Image size 10 1/2" x 15" .   Paper size 12" x 18"


In addition, many items with this image -
including calendars, note cards, tote bags, and
mugs  -  are available in
my Cafe Press store.    

This painting is featured in the Spirit section of
UU World Magazine, Winter 2015
SUNFLOWERS -  Mixed Media

valley in north central Ohio. This was the home of Louis Bromfield -
Hollywood screen writer and experimental conservationist - and also the
place where Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall were married.
Ink overpainted with acrylics.

Limited Edition of 250 prints, each individually signed and numbered.
Image size 11" x 141/2"         Paper size 12" x 18"

- Watercolor

The original of this painting
is SOLD, but it would be
great printed on a sweat
shirt for the Holidays or
greeting cards or note cards
needed for Thank You's.  
These kinds of things as
well as framed prints, tote
bags, mugs, etc. are
available  with this image at
CafePress store

Limited Edition of 250, each
one signed and numbered by
hand.  Paper size 12" x 18"


This image makes a lovely
Holiday card which you can
have printed at Cafe Press.  
(See below for link)
TRILLIUMS - Watercolor

My favorite spring wildflower!

Limited edition of 250, each
one signed and numbered
by hand.  Paper size 14" x
HOSTAS  -  Watercolor Print

I'm keeping the original of this watercolor of my
Royal Standard hosta for myself, but a limited
edition of 250 prints is available, each one of
which is individually signed and numbered.


I am also offering this print to Hosta Societies
and other horticultural organizations at a
substantial savings for quantity purchases.  It
could be used as a fund raiser or a gift to
honor volunteers.  For more information, e-mail
me at
Watercolor Print, signed and

Limited edition of 275.  Paper size 17
3/8 X  1033/8, image size 14 3/8 X 10

All images copyright Gail Coppock 1990-2018
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These watercolor paintings depict scenes at the beautiful Kingwood Center in Mansfield, Ohio.
GANGLION  -  Mixed Media

This piece was painted with watercolor, then collaged
with brass splats from the foundary floor. The original is
SOLD, but prints, note cards, framed tiles, etc. can be
found at my
Cafe Press store.

Limited edition of 100.  
Paper size 17x11, image
size 13 3/4 X 8 3/4.

Watercolor Print, signed and numbered.

Limited edition of 100.  Paper size 11x17,
image size 8 3/4 X 12 3/4.

WHITE ORCHID  -  Watercolor

This is a moon orchid that hangs in the
kitchen sink window in the winter;  in the
summer it's on its own, suspended on a
branch of the old live oak in the back yard.

I did this watercolor in one of my favorite
ways:  first painting the flower - as
botanically accurate as I could - then
carefully painting in the rich black

The original is already SOLD but prints of
this image, note cards, mugs, T-shirts, etc.
are available at
my Cafe Press store.

Sorry, Winter and Spring
limited edition prints are SOLD
OUT but you can get  blank
cards printed with these
images at
my Cafe Press store.
LITTLE RACCOONS  -  Scratchboard Drawing

I looked out the window one night to see
these two baby raccoons looking back at me.  
I was doing a series of scratchboard drawings
at the time and couldn't resist doing this one.

I'm keeping the original, but you can have this
image printed on just about anything.  Just
click on the Cafe Press link to the left.